Which Fertility Center Offers You The Highest Standard Of Care?

Only one lowcountry fertility center gives you access to a fully accredited lab for your fertility therapy and the highest success.

Dr. Grant W. Patton, Jr., Southeastern Fertility Center, Medical Director
Grant W. Patton, Jr., M.D.
Southeastern Fertility Center
Medical Director

Learn why your fertility care with Dr. Patton at Southeastern Fertility Center offers a very important advantage with his exclusive relationship with one of the Southeast’s leading, accredited laboratories.

The Leading Choice For The Highest Standard Of Fertility Care Charleston area fertility patients have a new choice for the highest standard of fertility care with the legendary clinical experience of fertility specialist, Dr. Grant Patton, now the only Low Country fertility physician with access to the highly-advanced lab at Advanced Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology Institute.

What does that mean for new couples needing a little help to get pregnant? It means the comfort of becoming one of the thousands helped to start families by the compassionate care of Dr. Patton, recognized for excellence throughout the country and abroad. Further, Dr. Patton’s patients are able to have their procedures at the laboratory with the highest level of accreditation available through a Charleston-area fertility center.